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Restaurant POS System in India: How to Choose the best in 2023

by | Sep 1, 2023 | Management

India, with its diverse cuisine and growing hospitality industry, has a range of options when it comes to types of Restaurant POS system. These systems are designed to streamline operations, improve customer service, and enhance overall efficiency.

Cash registers have virtually been replaced by electronic POS terminals that can handle payments with cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

In fact, out of all the questions asked by the restaurant owners, “Which Restaurant POS system is best?” might be the most frequently asked. So, before we dive into the steps of choosing the best pos system for restaurants in India, let’s review the basics.


What is a Restaurant POS System?


POS (Point of Sale) Software is generally used by small-scale restaurants to assist with the management of their retail operations. With a point of sale device, restaurant owners can manage under-the-roof transactions. However, a whole Restaurant POS System facilitates the process of inventory management, online ordering, digital menu management, figuring out total costs and taxes, receiving payments, and producing bills etc.

Indeed, a best restaurant management system is one which lets you handle the management of order, inventory, shift and customer and manage everything that comes before, after, and in between — all in one place. To know more about the features of a restaurant point-of-sale system, head down below:


Features of a Restaurant POS System:


  • Credit card or payment processing
  • Order taking
  • Table management
  • Guest management and tracking
  • Employee tracking
  • Inventory tracking and alerts
  • Online ordering
  • Reservations
  • Upsell and cross-sell capabilities
  • Cost and inventory management
  • Loyalty programs
  • Menu management
  • Cost management
  • Easy-to-use and quick interface
  • User support and training
  • 3rd-party integration
  • KPI reporting
  • Self-service ordering


Different restaurant POS software offer a range of features that can impact restaurant owners in a multitude of ways. Determining how the varying levels of flexibility and automation can maximize how you do business is important for your customers, staff, financial health, and overall efficiency.

Let’s talk in detail.


Popular key features of a Restaurant POS System in India might include:


  1. Order Management: The POS system allows servers to take orders directly at the table and sends them to the kitchen. It may also support split billing and customizations for each dish.
  2. Menu Management: The system helps update and manage the restaurant menu, including adding new items, removing old ones, and adjusting prices.
  3. Table Management: Efficiently manage table assignments, reservations, and occupancy status to optimize seating arrangements.
  4. Inventory Management: Keep track of ingredients and supplies to ensure items are in stock. The system can generate alerts when stocks are low.
  5. Billing and Payments: Calculate bills accurately, offer multiple payment options (cash, card, mobile wallets), and generate itemized receipts.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on sales, profits, popular items, and peak business hours to aid decision-making.
  7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Store customer information and preferences, facilitating personalized experiences and loyalty programs.
  8. Integration with Online Ordering: Many restaurants in India offer online ordering services. POS systems can integrate with online platforms for seamless order management.
  9. GST Compliance: The POS system should be capable of calculating and displaying Goods and Services Tax (GST) on bills, adhering to Indian taxation regulations.
  10. Multilingual Support: Given India’s linguistic diversity, some POS systems may offer multilingual support for order taking and customer interaction.
  11. Employee Management: Manage staff roles, shifts, and performance, including clocking in/out features.
  12. Security: Ensure data security and compliance with payment card industry standards to protect customer payment information.


Types of Restaurant POS System


  • Cloud POS
  • Mobile POS
  • Traditional POS


Point of Sale Restaurant System (Features and Advantages)


Why does Your Restaurant Need a Point-of-Sale System?


“An all-in-one Restaurant POS system (management software) is capable of handling all your daily (front and back-office) operations of your food business.”

Regardless of Outlet types including every outlet type such as Food courts, Cafe, Fine dine, Bar & brewery, Pizzeria, QSR, Desserts, Large chains, Bakery, Cloud kitchens etc.; a Restaurant POS System is the engine that propels your daily operations.

One of the best food business expansion decisions you can make is to invest in POS software. Make no mistake, point-of-sale (POS) system for Restaurants today can do more than just collecting orders, issuing receipts, and recording transactions. Modern POS systems, which combine hardware and software, frequently include a barcode scanner, card reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer. So you can manage all your offline and online transaction operations with great ease.

In addition to monitoring transactions, POS systems can also serve as credit card processors, making transactions safer and more secure for both your restaurant and your customers. Computerizing these processes helps you to have a better handle on your bookkeeping, cash flow, and inventory all at once.

As a business owner, you can keep track of client information. You can also help to minimize employee theft as your employees will not be able to alter any of their computerised checks in the system without your approval


Advantages of Restaurant POS System


  • Electronic Restaurant POS system automates transaction processes and keep track of crucial sales information and streamlines retail operations.
  •  Electronic cash registers and software to manage data gathered from everyday purchases are also components of basic POS systems.
  •  Retailers can improve functionality by setting up a network of data-capture devices, such as card readers and barcode scanners.


  • Retailers can monitor price accuracy, inventory fluctuations, gross revenue, and sales patterns depending on the programme capabilities.
  • Retailers can detect inconsistencies in pricing or cash flow that could result in profit loss or disrupt sales by using integrated technology to track data.
  • Retailers can minimize problems with customer service, such out-of-stock sales, by using POS systems that track inventory and purchase patterns.
  • Restaurant owners can also better target their marketing and purchasing to match client behaviours.


Factors to consider when evaluating Restaurant POS system


It’s no secret, a POS system is a crucial tool for any food business to thrive. If you’re on a lookout for best POS system for Restaurants; it can be tricky to narrow down your options as there are so many different features available in specific softwares.

However, below are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you focus your priorities when choosing a POS system of your own.

There are several factors restaurant brands should consider when evaluating POS systems. Here are some of the most important factors:


  • Advanced features: The restaurant POS system should have the features needed to run the restaurant efficiently and should automate routine tasks. Some features to consider include: sales tracking; inventory management; customer loyalty programs; reporting; check-splitting; or offering preset tip percentage options.
  • Ease of use: It should be easy to use for both staff and customers. A complex POS system can be frustrating for staff and can lead to errors.
  • Price and integrations: POS systems can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Choose a POS that integrates with other systems easily and has an open API for any platforms that may be added in the future.
  • Support: The POS system provider should have good customer support. Questions or problems with the system need to be resolved quickly at any time of the day.


Now let’s talk about 5 best Restaurant POS software you can consider in India for your small (big) business.


5 best Restaurant POS System in India



Let’s talk in detail about these best POS system software in 2023.


1. POS Uncle – Best Restaurant POS System in India


POS Uncle - Best Restaurant POS System in India


POS uncle is a total solution for managing a food business. It entails giving clients a seamless purchasing experience whether they choose to purchase items offline, online, or go for pickup.

You can handle all of your back office, in-house and online operations with POS Uncle’s restaurant management system, where you may access tools to manage payments, inventory, deliveries, personnel management, etc.

In addition to that, this emerging Restaurant POS system gives you ability to leverage (social media) marketing tools in order to manage customer acquisition and retention.


What more you can do with POS Uncle Restaurant Management System:

  • Manual orders (handle in-house bills, payments & invoices)
  • Table Management (from QR on table to adjusting digital menu)
  • Stock Management (from managing products to controlling discounts)
  • Online and in-person payment acceptance is made simple by POS Uncle
  • With the thorough dashboard, you can keep tabs on your sales


The cherry on the cake is: you can utilise the POS Uncle’s management features on a laptop or any other device, regardless of what outlet types or food business you’re running. You can instantly generate KOT, view reports and order status for online orders too.

Furthermore, you can integrate this POS system while using ecommerce website, selling on social media (Facebook, Instagram), without having to have any technical expertise.


All features of POS Uncle Restaurant Management System:


  • Discount & Coupons
  • Advance Analytics
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Aggregator Integrations
  • Billing Management
  • Store Pickup
  • Table Management
  • Reviews & Rattings
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Domain Integration
  • Manage Staff
  • QR Code Ordering
  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Multiple Themes
  • Table Booking
  • Custom Page Add-on


Benefits of POS Uncle Restaurant Software:


  • Empower food businesses by handling digital operations.
  • Help you get more sales.
  • Businesses receive all the resources including inventory management, order creation, billing, and payment processing.
  • The robust ecommerce solution in QPe fills the gap between your offline and online businesses, allowing you to manage, operate, and expand physical outlet, ecommerce website, and social media platforms all at once.


POS Uncle Plan:
Starting at-


POS Uncle Basic  Low-end Plan to automate entire operations                                                    ₹6,500* Per Outlet/Per Year
POS Uncle Plus — Advance features for sales expansion                                                               ₹15,500* Per Outlet/Per Year


GoDaddy’s POS can be used for tracking both online and offline sales.  build a website and take payments from customers.

In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic choice for restaurant businesses who wish to manage their entire options with an ecommerce website or store. You are promised to get more than just a point of sale with this system. With POS Uncle, more than 10 outlet types are can be managed with including Food courts, Cafe, Fine dine, Bar & brewery, Pizzeria, QSR, Desserts, Large chains, Bakery, Cloud kitchens etc. The head office of POS Uncle is in New Delhi with more regional offices to follow.


2. Toast


Toast Homepage


A software business called Toast is situated in Boston. The customer is promised ease of use by the Toast POS system. It creates point of sale and administration systems for restaurants. The architecture of Toast POS is cloud-based. The company also offers round-the-clock assistance.


POS Features

  • Power, dependability, and simplicity of use are some of Toast POS’s key characteristics. You could say it is an all-in-one restaurant management solution.
  • Management of employees.
  • Reporting in real time
  • mechanism for ordering online


Toast Standard plan starts at $875 upfront.

According to their pricing page: Pay for hardware upfront and pay monthly for software.A more traditional pricing model. 


3. LightSpeed

LightSpeed Homepage


A solution is offered by LightSpeed Retail for restaurants, e-commerce, and retail. It is a Canadian business that offers POS and online shopping software. The business offers Lightspeed Retail support round-the-clock.

It provides you the solution for retail, quick serve, Restaurant & Bar and for Franchises.


POS Features

  • You can make a single purchase order for numerous vendors using Lightspeed Retail.
  • You can add more versions for a single item, such as colour and size.
  • It will assist you in maintaining an inventory log.
  • You have the option of “On the spot transactions” thanks to it.
  • You will receive analytics and data in real-time.
  • It gives you comprehensive knowledge of the inventory, which leads to comprehensive inventory management.
  • With LightSpeed, the number of users is unbounded.
  • The number of inventory items is limitless.
  • It offers you a clever workforce management solution.
  • Even if you operate many locations, Lightspeed Retail will maintain a location-based inventory record for you.


Lightspeed Essential plan starts at $189.

LightSpeed’s Prices may vary depending on the nature of the business and the industry.


4. TouchBistro


TouchBistro Homepage


TouchBistro is an iPad POS for restaurants. It is designed specifically for restaurants. With 225 people, it is a software company with its main office in Toronto. The business offers support around-the-clock.


POS Features

  • Tabletop Order Control
  • Table Management and the Floor Plan
  • Menu Management for Mobile Payment and Processing
  • Management & Scheduling of Employees
  • Management of Customer Relationships (CRM)


TouchBistro plan: Starting with –

Solo: $69 per month when paid yearly. You are going to obtain 1 Licence here.

Dual: $129 per month when paid yearly. You will receive 2 licences here.

Team: $249 per month when paid yearly. You can obtain up to 5 licences here.

Unlimited: $399 per month when paid yearly. You’ll acquire an unlimited number of licences here.

For more information visit their pricing page.


5. Square


Square Homepage


It may be used on tablets, smartphones, and Apple and Android devices. It is applicable to all business types, including bakeries. The business offers Square POS support around-the-clock.

POS Features

  • Its simplicity is its best quality. It is created in a method that makes it simpler for the workers to comprehend the system.
  • Customers can choose between receiving receipts digitally (through email or text message) or printed out.
  • It aids in real-time inventory management.
  • Any computer can access Square Dashboard. It provides you with all available business-related information, from sales to new clients.


Square plan starts at $60/ month per location. Visit their pricing page here.




These are the top 5 Restaurant POS system or management software in India with every solutions for food businesses. And now you might have gotten an idea as of “Which software is best for Restaurant POS management”. No matter how small or big your food business is, as soon as you start selling online or in a person, your business needs a Point of Sale Solutions System.

A Point of Sale system streamlines the checkout process for both you and your customers, cutting down on time spent ringing up sales and lowering the possibility of human error, such as calculation errors.

Below are other POS software you can consider for your Restaurant business in India.